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Subject task problem /ClassLoader
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 12:45:35 GMT
hi all ,
we are having problems with Ant1.4 and the classloaders (thats what we think).

okay heres the story:
we are trying to split up build files and data - similar to the usual approach
of properties files. so we wrote a custom tag <config> which takes a fileName as
a property.
the entire call would be
<config file="externalConfig.xml" id="something"/>

without having the external file we are also able to define <config> in the same
file such as:
<config id="dummy">
   <module name="mod1">
      <dp name="dp1"/>
   <module name="mod2"/>
   <dp name="dp2"/>

this works perfectly fine.

doing the first approach we structured the externalConfig.xml just as a
build.xml file so Ant can help us to read all the information inside it.
Ant is able to parse this file but when it comes to check whether it was
sucessfully done we encounter trouble.
first we defined another task which prints info about the <config> task.
it prints something like:

this is when having all the code included into one file.

if we try to split the code into the externalConfig.xml it prints something like:

so it looks as if the task <config> is able to correctly read the xml file
(having exactly the number of sub-tasks as written in the file) but is not able
to set the properties on the sub-tasks <module> and <dp>.

can somebody see why ant is doing this and how we can get around this problem-

many thanks in advance.


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