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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: SUMMARY: loading tasks from jars for Ant 1.5 summary feedback
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 11:41:36 GMT
From: "Steve Loughran" <>

> >     -tasklib version
> Isn't this what "version" is specifying?
> we need version of the manifest file and version of the tasklib.

I assume you meant version of the antlib DTD and of the tasklib, since manifest files have
their own thing.

> >As I said, unless we think this new things must be mandatory, tey can be
> added later.
> Unique ID and version should go in from the begininning. If the stuff is in
> there you can enum all tasks, find out their names and origins. Or have a
> server which retains versions of tasks so you could send a query
>     //taskserver/fetch?libname=org.apache.ant.tasklibs.cpp&version=1.3
> and then the server could return the appropriate version of the library.

All this jar-global type of information is already standarized in the JAR format. Although
as other people have mentioned I am not fanaic of extensions, I do not think we should come
up with yet another different standard for it. This whole installation bussiness is confusing
and complicated enough already for us to define yet anothar way.

Take a look at: which defines
the algorithm to be used for recognizing the correct library. Even if we do not do what applets
classloaders are suppose to do, we at least should be able to use the fields in the manifest
to put the information there.

> -Steve

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