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From "Jeff Brown" <>
Subject Re: assertions
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 12:49:39 GMT
> I see and if you enable assertions for a package, it covers packages
> it -right?
This is correct.  Enabling or disabling assertions for a package, applies to
that package and all subpackages.

> Before adding it to the Java task I can see some issues
> 1. what happens when run on Java < 1.4? I would like the code to warn and
> continue, whereas right now it will pass the args to java which will fail.
As it is right now, if you try this on < 1.4, an error occurs.  This is the
same thing that would happen if you were not using Ant and you typed these
arguments on the command line.  I considered a safety mechanism and decided
to put the burden on the user to not apply options they can't use.  I am not
married to it.  I can add a safety mechanism that issues a warning and
carries on.  How is this handled with the "-source" argument to javac?  I
will look into it and see, but if anyone knows the answer to that, please
share it.

> 2. does forking need to be turned on for the option to work?
Yes, like all jvm arguments, forking must be enabled for this to work.  If
forking is not enabled and you use any of these options, the pre-existing
message about jvm args is issued and the process continues.

> This is roughly the way to do it. There are some guidelines -
> which provide a bit more detail. Submitting patches with [PATCH] in the
> title and the patch in diff -u format is preferred.
I am sorry I missed that.  I will review these guidelines before submitting
an updated version.

Thanks for taking some time to evaluate this and offer up some comments.  I
appreciate it and I will work on addressing the < 1.4 issue.  If there are
folks in the group who have an opinion one way or the other (should the user
be on his own, or should the target be generous about helping him not shoot
himself in the pinky toe?), please share your thoughts.


Jeff Brown
Senior Software Engineer
Object Computing Inc.

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