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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: top level tags in ant vs. "init" task as an attribute of proj ect
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 15:38:37 GMT
From: "Tim Dawson" <>
> Alternately, we should just allow anything to appear at the root level,
> because that is the init task.  Ok, I'm being facetious - I wouldn't really
> want this, but it is a logical extension of the current position.

Although I do not care too much about having or not having init target or construct, (notice
that there are no such things in MAKE and no one is complaining) I think it is important to
define more properly the bussiness of allowing certain tasks outside targets and others not.

Today the allowed tasks are hardcoded in ProjectHelper, which to say the least is ugly and
produces inconsistencies, since for example, it allows <taskdef> but not <typedef>

I have a patch that tackles this issue by defining a new interface DeclaringTask. Task implementing
this interface are allowed outside targets, and as the name indicates, they are allowed because
they are use principally for declaring things like: propeties, tasks, datatypes, etc.

This moves the problem of which tasks should be allowed outside code to the designer of the
task and weather it is really for declaring things or not. And we can go and argue about each
task until kingdom come. :-)

Jose Alberto
PS: I should be ready to submit the patch by tomorrow. Quite simple actually.

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