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From Holger Engels <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] EjbJar using code from depend task
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2001 09:07:26 GMT

> Holger,

> I'll look at this once I get 1.4 out the door. A quick thought is that
> this could/should make the check for superclasses and superinterfaces
> somewhat redundant too. That might simplify things considerably. Would
> you be interested in looking at that. We probably want to approach this
> in small steps anyway, so you may want to hold off.

You're right, I removed the recursive superclass, superinteface and
memberchecks. The code is much simplier and compact now.

I think, we should consider this as a bug fix so that it can make it into
ant 1.4 final ;-)


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