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From "Jim Urban" <>
Subject VSSGET Problem
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:43:35 GMT
We are using Ant to build a Java web application.  We use MS VSS for source
management.  We are trying to use the vssget option to get the latest copy
of each of our Java source files (<vssget localPath="${src}/com/xxx/yyy"
recursive="false" vsspath="$/OUR_PROJ/Web Apps/Java/*" writable="false"/>).
The way the get function works, if a write able copy of the file exists in
the working directory, the file is not fetched and an informational message
is issued.  The problem is, when this happens, Ant says vssget failed and
the build stops.  How can I tell ant to continue if the vssget fails?  I am
looking for something like the failonerror option of the Ant task javac. 

Thanks, We love Ant, its so much easier to use then make.

Jim Urban
Product Manager
Netsteps Inc.
Suite 505E
1 Pierce Pl.
Itasca, IL  60143
Voice:  (630) 250-3045 x2164
Fax:  (630) 250-3046

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