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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject Re: Description
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 00:48:47 GMT
>OK, I have some thoughts on this patch. Firstly, let me say that I think a
>description element is a good thing. In fact I thought that was how the
>target descriptions should have been done (i.e. elements not attributes). My
>concern is the fact that description has been implemented as a data type. It
>IS convenient to implement it that way, but conceptually it feels wrong. The
>description, is not a datatype. The fact that this datatype does not hold
>its own data but redirects it straight into the project object is an
>indicator of this mismatch, IMHO.
Actually, I have to admit I agree with your conceptual taste here.  Back 
in June I originally proposed to
emulate Property ( )
because you eventually want project-wide descriptions (analogous to 
global properties) _and_ target descriptions
(analogous to target-specific properties).    I was more of a 
ant-coder-newbie at that time and was concerned
about the magnitude of such a change.  Stefan suggested implementing it 
as a datatype, and that's what I did.

Stefan, please correct me if I am wrong, but I assumed your reasons for 
suggesting the DataType
implementation were that you liked the functionality and saw the 
DataType approach as an easy,
low-cost, low-risk way to get it into the build.  We could always change 
it and enhance later....?

I would be happy to submit a revised version of <description> which 
could provide something
like the following enhancements:

- multiple instances of <description> at the same level are concatentated
- works at project level and/or target level
- reimplemented as a task along lines of Property
- maintain target level description attributes for backward compatibility

Note that, while this is a fair chunk of coding work, it maintains 
buildfile backward compatibility.

>BTW, You can't currently have two <description> elements although I guess we
>could decide what that means and potentially concatenate them.
Yes.  If that is what we want, maybe its better to make that (trivial) 
change now so there is
less of a backward compatibility problem.  One way to do this is to change:

addText(String text) {

to something like this:

addText(String text) {
   StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
   if (project.getDescription())  {

in types/        Thoughts?

>I would have thought this element should have been handled directly in the
>ProjectHelper parsing code. 
You mean analogous to the way Property is handled, right?   (see above)

>It also creates little oddities such as
><project name="test" default="main">
>  <description>All your buildfile are belong to us</description>
>  <target name="main">
>     <description>The main event</description>
>  </target>
>  <target name="never">
>     <description>No GST, never ever</description>
>  </target>
....where the output of --projecthelp is "No GST, never ever"
That is correct.   This potential ugliness can be documented, however.

Question to committers:  what course of action do you recommend?  Is 
there anything here
serious enough to merit a beta-bug-fix?


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