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From Matthew Inger <>
Subject Re: Anonymous CVS & SSH tunneling
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:33:02 GMT
Kyle Adams wrote:

>Looking at the instructions on how to access Apache's CVS repository, I see that those
with commit access can tunnel through SSH (I assume to keep their passwords private).  I'm
behind a corporate firewall, which has port 22 (or whatever the standard SSH port is) open,
but not port 2401 (the CVS port, correct?).  I was wondering if it's possible to do an anonymous
login via SSH, which would in turn allow me to tunnel through the firewall.  This would be
much less painful for me, in terms of the red tape required to get a new port opened :-)
I would think you cut tunnel port 2401 on your local machine over to 
port 2401 on
the CVS service, and the access cvs as if you were logging into 
"localhost".  This
is just a guess.  This is how I access my work email from home.

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 as yet, is suspicious." -H.L. Mencken 

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