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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks depend.html
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:00:51 GMT
conor       01/08/17 04:00:51

  Modified:    docs/manual/OptionalTasks Tag: ANT_14_BRANCH depend.html
  Updated documentation for depend task
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision   +33 -33    jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks/depend.html
  Index: depend.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks/depend.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.2.2.1
  --- depend.html	2001/02/13 12:31:55	1.2
  +++ depend.html	2001/08/17 11:00:51
  @@ -54,41 +54,30 @@
   without having a direct relationship. With closure set, you will notice that 
   depend typically removes far more class files. </p>
  +<p>The classpath attribute for &lt;depend&gt; is optional. If it is present,

  +depend will check class dependencies against classes and jars on this classpath.
  +Any classes which depend on an element from this classpath and which are older 
  +than that element will be deleted. A typical example where you would use this 
  +facility would be where you are building a utility jar and want to make sure 
  +classes which are out of date with respect to this jar are rebuilt. You should
  +<b>not</b> include jars in this classpath which you do not expect to change,

  +such as the JDK runtime jar or third party jars, since doing so will just slow 
  +down the dependency check. This means that if you do use a classpath for the 
  +depend task it may be different from the classpath necessary to actually 
  +compile your code.</p>
   <p> The performance of the depend task is dependent on a 
   number of factors such as class relationship complexity and how many class files 
  -are out of date. The following tests have been run when build Ant itself, on the 
  -author's machine using JDK1.3 </p>
  +are out of date. The decision about whether it is cheaper to just recompile all 
  +classes or to use the depend task will depend on the size of your project and 
  +how interrelated your classes are. </p>
  -<table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
  -  <tr>
  -    <td>Building Ant from clean using Javac</td>
  -    <td>11 seconds</td>
  -  </tr>
  -  <tr>
  -    <td>Building Ant from clean using Jikes</td>
  -    <td>5 seconds</td>
  -  </tr>
  -  <tr>
  -    <td>Running &lt;depend&gt; when up-to-date and no cache</td>
  -    <td>4 seconds (Depend takes 2 seconds)</td>
  -  </tr>
  -  <tr>
  -    <td>Running &lt;depend&gt; when up-to-date and with a cache</td>
  -    <td>2 seconds (Depend takes 1 seconds)</td>
  -  </tr>
  -<p> This involves compiling 177 files. The above figures are indicative only. 
  -The decision about whether it is cheaper to just recompile all classes or to 
  -use the depend task will depend on the size of your project and how interrelated 
  -your classes are. </p>
  -<p> There are some dependencies which depend will not detect. </p>
  +<p> There are some source dependencies which depend will not detect. </p>
   <li>If the Java compiler optimizes away a class relationship, 
  @@ -112,8 +101,8 @@
       <td valign="top">srcDir</td>
       <td valign="top">This is the directory where the source exists. depend
  -will examine this to determine which classes. If you use multiple
  -source directories you can pass this a path of source directories.</td>
  +will examine this to determine which classes are out of date. If you use multiple
  +source directories you can pass this attribute a path of source directories.</td>
       <td valign="top" align="center">Yes</td>
  @@ -137,14 +126,25 @@
   classes. Defaults to false</td>
       <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>
  +  <tr>
  +    <td valign="top">classpath</td>
  +    <td valign="top">The classpath containg jars and classes for which depend should
  +                     check dependencies</td>
  +    <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>
  +  </tr>
  +<h3>Nested Elements</h3>
  +<p><code>depend</code>'s <i>classpath</i> attribute is a

  +<a href="../using.html#path">PATH like structure</a> and can also be set
  +via a nested <i>classpath</i> element.</p>
  -  <pre>    &lt;depend srcdir=&quot;${java.dir}&quot;
  -    destdir=&quot;${build.classes}&quot;
  -    cache=&quot;depcache&quot;
  -    closure=&quot;yes&quot;/&gt;</pre>
  +<pre>&lt;depend srcdir=&quot;${java.dir}&quot;
  +        destdir=&quot;${build.classes}&quot;
  +        cache=&quot;depcache&quot;
  +        closure=&quot;yes&quot;/&gt;</pre>
   <p> In this example classes in the ${build.classes} directory will be removed if


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