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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks junitreport.html
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 22:38:49 GMT
sbailliez    01/08/07 15:38:49

  Modified:    docs/manual/OptionalTasks junitreport.html
  Updated the documentation to reflect stylesheet changes and thus customization.
  Also updated Xalan information with a direct link for Xalan 1.2.2
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +7 -34     jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks/junitreport.html
  Index: junitreport.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks/junitreport.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- junitreport.html	2001/02/13 12:31:56	1.2
  +++ junitreport.html	2001/08/07 22:38:49	1.3
  @@ -10,8 +10,11 @@
   a stylesheet on the resulting merged document to provide a browsable report of
   the testcases results.
  -<p>You need&nbsp; <a href="">Xalan 1</a>
to use this
  -task or use the Xalan1 compatibility jar of <a href="">Xalan2</a>.</p>
  +<p>The task will run with either <a href="">Xalan
  +or <a href="">Xalan 1.2.2</a>.
  +Note:<i>For a framed format Xalan 1.2.2 will need Xerces(xerces.jar) as well as BSF(bsf.jar)
  +that can be found in the distribution archive.</i>
   <table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
  @@ -56,33 +59,9 @@
       <td valign="top">styledir</td>
       <td valign="top">The directory where the stylesheets are defined. They must
         be conforming to the following conventions:
  -      <p>For the noframes format, only the stylesheet overview-summary.xsl is
  -      used.</p>
  -      <p>For the frames format, the result will be javadoc-like. List of package
  -      will be in top left frame, the list of classes in bottom left frame and
  -      the details/summary in the main window.&nbsp; It uses the following XSLs:</p>
  -        <li><tt>all-packages.xsl</tt> - creates an <i>all-packages.html</i>
file that
  -          contains the list of all packages (top-left frame) with links to their
  -          corresponding <i>package-summary.html</i> files in their respective
  -          location (package name matches path name)</li>
  -        <li><tt>all-classes.xsl</tt> - creates an <i> all-classes.html</i>
file that contains the
  -          whole list of classes in all packages with links to their
  -          corresponding <i>&lt;classname&gt;-details.html</i> in their
  -          respective package directory.</li>
  -        <li><tt>overview-packages.xsl</tt> - creates an <i>overview-packages.html</i>
  -          that makes a summary of all packages and classes not belonging to a
  -          package.</li>
  -        <li><tt>class-details.xsl</tt> - creates a detailed page about
the testcases of a
  -          testsuite. This this xsl will be applied on all testsuites and written
  -          to the <i>&lt;classname&gt;-details.html</i> file located
in their
  -          respective package directory. </li>
  -        <li><tt>package-summary.xsl</tt> - create a testsuite summary
for a package. This
  -          will be written to <i> package-summary.html</i> in its corresponding
  -          directory. </li>
  -        <li><tt>classes-list.xsl</tt> - creates the list of classes belonging
to a
  -          specific package. This will be written to classes-list.html&nbsp; in
  -          its corresponding package directory.</li>
  +        <li>frames format: the stylesheet must be named <i>junit-frames.xsl</i>.</li>
  +        <li>noframes format: the stylesheet must be named <i>junit-noframes.xsl</i>.</li>
       <td align="center" valign="top">No. Default to embedded stylesheets.</td>
  @@ -92,12 +71,6 @@
       <td valign="top">The directory where the files resulting from the
         transformation should be written to.</td>
       <td align="center" valign="top">No. Default to current directory</td>
  -  </tr>
  -  <tr>
  -    <td valign="top">extension</td>
  -    <td valign="top">The extension of the generated files, they must include the
  -      dot (ex: .html)</td>
  -    <td align="center" valign="top">No. Default to .html</td>
   <h3>Example of report</h3>

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