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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: [vote] New committer
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 23:48:54 GMT

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From: "Glenn McAllister" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 06:35
Subject: Re: [vote] New committer

> Peter Donald wrote:
> > I would like to nominate
> >
> > "Steve Loughran" <>
> >
> > as a committer for Ant. He does great work fixing up many things
> > documentation - yay!) and think he would be a great addition to Ant. So
> > say you? I say
> >
> > +1
> He's already in (we have the requisite three +1 and no -1), but I'll toss
my +1
> in anyway.  Congrats Steve and welcome to the fold.

Why thank you all for placing your trust in me. I suppose now that the votes
are in I should introduce myself.

Hello, I'm Steve Loughran.

I'm nominally a research scientist at HP Labs in the UK, where I shared a
lab with such luminaries as Dave 'HTML Tidy' Raggett, Stephanie 'J2ee
blueprints' Bodoff, and of course Andy 'ange-ftp' Norman. For the very
curious, my last bit of published research was on context aware

But I got bored with the essential impossibility of trying to transfer any
innovative work from the corporate R&D lab to the world at large, so for the
last 18 months I've been out in Oregon working on web services for digital
imaging -cameras, scanners, printers, that kind of thing, which are your
basic multi-terabyte content repositories with add on services running
locally or hooked in from remote third partes all running with high
availability clauses built in to the SLAs. All to be delivered on deadlines
which were seemingly pulled from a hat.

So I've been here building these things, applying foundational s/w
engineering practices to raise the SEI CMM level of the group
from -1 --"individual heroics are not sufficient"-- towards that of a
replicable process, and having plenty much fun in the process.

Ant has been one of the foundational tools I've been using for a while now,
extending it as and when I encountered problems. Which is why most of my
recent code changes have been in the area of deployment -installation and
deployment have been somewhat time consuming.

Now that we are in the live state and I am working on a new bit of the
system, I'll have time to focus on the toolchain extensions I need for that
section, which will probably consist of

-finishing off the http post/get/put tasks
-automating my JSP build process
-making the next set of deployment problems easier (I dont know what they
are, but ssh is probably in there)
-rounding the .NET stuff out. I want ILDASM, VBC (!) and web service

Short term I'll do some more proofreading and things on the documentation.


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