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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject [PATCH] first pass at an improvement on JUnit properties display
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 07:46:22 GMT
This is primarily addressed to Stephane, but sent to ant-dev for review....

Attached is a new & improved junit-noframes.xsl in an attempt to rid the XSL
of comments like this near my name: "it is not very nice" :)

Since I'm the one that added the additional properties the XML output of
<junit> I suppose I should make the output of it decent.   My changes output
the properties into JavaScript associative arrays and the hyperlink
"Properties >>" at the bottom right of each test case calls a JavaScript
function that opens a new browser window displaying a table with all the
name/value property pairs.

There is definitely room for more improvement, but I wanted to toss this out
for review before proceeding.   Here are the open-issues:

- My JS-escape XSL method needs improvement to replace single-quotes with
backslash-single-quote.  There may be other characters that could cause
meta-character issues, like newlines probably.

- Can we convert the junit-*.xsl files to use spaces instead of tabs
please?!  The lines I've added are prefixed with spaces, but the rest of the
file is tabs.   At least in Java spaces are the Apache standard, not sure
about XSL, but seems like spaces are appropriate there too.

- The window that pops up can be modified to not have browser buttons, or
even a title bar, and automatically sized to a specific size if desired.

- Styles - I made an attempt to carry over the styles into the properties
window, but I didn't quite get everything needed, so that could be improved

- It works in Netscape, although blank "Type" columns for each successful
test case needs to have &nbsp; in order for the cell to have the right
colors - this isn't an issue from my changes, just something I noted when
testing with Netscape.  Also, Netscape "bleeds" cells with longer text over
into the next cell in the row - it'd be nice to fix this if possible.

- The frames version needs to be updated with these changes also after we
approve the no-frame changes.

- I know XSL, but not quite to the level of Stephane, so feel free to school
me in the ways of the XSL masters if I've done something sub-par.

I'm pleased with how the properties can be displayed with these changes and
surely hope some derivation of this can make it into Ant 1.4.  Let me know
what you think of these changes and I'll the take care of any issues


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