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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: Patch Audit
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2001 17:00:37 GMT
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From: "Conor MacNeill" <>

How did you generate this html ? By hand ? If not is it possible to have the
link to each post ?
The list is impressive, I can't believe there's all this in the queue !!!

JUnitReport encoding patch:
I'm not sure we need to put an encoding attribute...serializing in UTF-8
should be enough (and it's done in cvs)..the main problem was that any non
utf-8 character was breaking the xml parsing since the default xml encoding
is xml and previously it was serializing in the jvm encoding -> crash. The
problem was similar in XmlLogger.
Fixed in cvs...but need to contact the patch submitter to ensure it is ok.
Japanese have an awesome experience in encoding.

Regular Expression replace task +10000
I have seen this several time and I do believe it is extremely important.
The replace definitely needs this flexibility rather than a brute token

I don't think it is important and maybe it's me but I don't see the
motivation, there's already a description attribute in the target.

For the others...hem...I need to look at the archives to figure out what
they are for.. sorry..not of much help :(

Right now, I'm working on cleaning up junitreport to use the stylesheets in
etc and making this run fine in either xalan 2, xalan 1 and xalan
compatibility jar...
Close to completion...runs fine for now w/ xalan1 and xalan2. It will be a
big cleanup and a definite source of pain gone.

Additional note:
- I would like to change the distrib to include part of the etc directory,
that is the default stylesheets for some tasks.
the is the stylesheet for the xml log, junit, jprobe, metamata


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