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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject [PATCH] Beta-2 update to .NET tasks
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 05:09:10 GMT
Here are the patches needed to apply to the .NET tasks to bring them up to
date with the beta 2 release of the .NET framework

 -removed 'owner' attribute from ILASM (it just prints a warning and is
stripped from the docs)
 -changed the referenced dlls to the beta-2 set
 -added some options to csc:

Fullpaths is good; with that jedit auto picks up on CSC errors from ant
builds invoked inside it; the others are reasonably unimportant. noconfig is
odd -by default the compiler reads in a default file "csc.rsp" which can
predefine system behaviour -first from the local directory and also from the
compiler directory. noconfig="true" means dont do that. I'm leaving
'noconfig' off by default, though there is a lot to be said for setting it
true. Having your build depend on the settings of files outside your SCM
tree is always a bit dubious.

And of course I updated the documents. Test wise, I've tested it on my own
projects; the changes from beta-1 to beta-2 cause trouble but the build
still works.

I think that this patch should go in to the 1.4 ant release as it is a
fairly minor set of changes to a very non core package, which does benefit
anyone using ant to build and deploy .net apps.


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