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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: include and exclude behavior
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:15:07 GMT
Well, for what I read on the discussion, they have completely misunderstood
the meaning "excludedefaults". The attribute is used to tell if things that
are always excluded (no matter what you say) apply or not. The list of
things that are always excluded can be found in the docs.
This parameter is definetly not for indicating wheather <excludes> have
presedence over <includes> or not.
Now, looking at the real issue: how to say "exclude all BAR except the one
under FOO (FOO/BAR)", I think the way to solve this is by allowing multiple
<filepattern> elements and for those patterns to act independent of one
another (to a certain extend). So one could express the thing above as:
    <fileset ...>
        <filepattern ...>
            <include name="**" />
            <exclude name="**/bar/**" />
        <filepattern ...>
            <include name="**/foo/bar/**" />
Now, the question here is what to do if two file patterns specify the same
files, should the file occure twice in the file set or, as the use of the
term "set"  indicates, should there be only one occurrence of each file
Can we do something like this already? I do not think so, but....
Jose Alberto

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From: Kyle Adams []
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 17:51
Subject: include and exclude behavior

Based on a discussion at jGuru (, I'm curious about any
development plans for how includes and excludes are handled.  As stated in
the above discussion, it seems most intuitive to me to base which action
overrides which, on what the default action is (rather than exclude ALWAYS
overriding include).  If I remember correctly from my server admin days,
Apache worked like this.
If Ant excludes always override includes, are there any plans to change
And if not, just ignore this post :-)

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