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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: in a copy task Filtering does not take place if filter value has changed
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 06:14:05 GMT
On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Jirtme Lacoste
<> wrote:

> If you modify the build.xml and change the value of the filter task,
> the filtering does not happen.  In fact copy only checks the time of
> the files to copy.

Yes, this is the expected behavior and the standard workaround is to
use the overwrite attribute of copy, this is what we do in Ant's build
file for the version information ourselves.

> The problem happens with other tasks as well.  Should these tasks be
> aware of the last modification time of the build.xml file ?

I don't think so, as it would lead to a lot of unnecessary actions.
Say we make the javac task aware of the build files last modification
time (the value of the debug attribute could have changed), then you'd
always recompile all classes when you touch the build file.

The coloring approach Peter describes looks as the only clean
solution, but I don't see anything like this in the nearer future.
Up to then we have to rely on the build-meister to know when things
have changed that need manual intervention (like setting the overwrite
attribute or running a clean target before building).


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