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From Tom Palmer <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix for bugs in ejbjar/borland task
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:03:06 GMT

  The attached patches fix some bugs that I experienced whilst trying to use
the borland task. The first patch file (borland-fix.patch) fixes the
following bugs:

  - The command for generating the stubs file (java2iiop) is incorrectly
declared as java2iiop.exe thereby making the task unworkable on a
non-windows machine.
  - When using the ejbjar naming scheme for prefixes to deployment files the
borland specific deployment file is never found because it is looking for
ejb-inprise.xml NOT {prefix}ejb-inprise.xml

  The second patch file (borland-verify.patch) alters the execution of the
verify command so that it uses the Borland recommended way of launching the
verify tool (namely to use their vbj wrapper around the java command). I've
kept this as a separate patch as I'm not too sure its needed as someone must
have had this working using the standard java command.



  Tom Palmer
  Web Developer
  Internet House, 332 Science Park, Cambridge CB4 0BZ, UK
  Tel: +44 (0)1223 250246

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