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From Matthew Watson <>
Subject Re: Task Submissions
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 03:59:01 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrot

> some first comments only, I'll look at your pages during the next
> days.
>>JavaH ( : run javah - not tested
>>on WinXX though
> How is this different from the optional <javah> task already present?

Well, mine isn't as good. Whoops - I thought I'd checked whether 1.3 had 
one of these. Good, one less thing to maintain!

>>JspC ( : Run the (jasper) jsp
>>precompiler to turn jsp files into java classes
> Seems as if several people would be working on this in parallel 8-)

This is definitely possible. I developed this about 5 months ago in 
Mine is fully functional as far as my requirements go. It is based on 
the javac task from 1.2, so may need some improvements, since I believe 
javac has evolved a lot since then. Support for multiple jsp compilers 
is a bit sketchy, in that it needs to be added to the class...


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