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From "Peter B. West" <>
Subject [PATCH][Bug 1053] fixcrlf.html Preserve tabs in literals;allow any tab setting;allow CR as EOL
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:03:26 GMT
This patch supersedes my previous patches with the same summary line. 
This version also addresses Bug 1053 by processing the input files using 
a BufferedReader.  As in previous versions, it provides the following 
extra functionality to FixCRLF:

Allow CR as a line ending
Allow for any tab interval from 2 to 80
Allow for preservation of TAB chars in string and character literals
Process files as character streams, rather than as byte streams

This is not tested against any files sufficiently large to cause memory 
problems.  In addition, the handling of CTRL-Z EOF markers is not tested 
on any systems but linux.  This is potentially significant in this 
version because lines are being handled by the ReadLine method of 
BufferedReader.  This handles ^Z as text both within a line and at the 

I have determined that the handling of CTRL-Z in and at the end of files 
is the same under NT4, but do not know if this behaviour is consistent 
across Win 95/8 and 2000.

The test cases that I posted to this list with the previous version of 
the patch are handled identically in this version.

The changes are backward compatible with the behaviour and XML syntax of 
the previous version, but extend in for the new EOL handling.

Patches to are attached as patch-java.txt
Patches to fixcrlf.html are attached as patch-html.txt.

Peter B. West
"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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