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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Anyone working on ant tasks for Oracle 9i App Svr (formerly Orion)?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 18:39:04 GMT
Can't help you out with the Oracle stuff, but as to your "Also" -- I'm not
against having an <if> task (or a more generalized <condition> task), but
your example case doesn't really need one. A <property file=...> won't
complain if the file doesn't exist, so if you want to allow for a user's
properties file to set the values, or use default values if the user
doesn't have a properties file, you can just specify both files -- eg:
  <property file=""/>
  <property file=""/>
If exists and contains settings for properties that are
also in, the values for those properties will be what
they're set to in


--- Mark Strasser <> wrote:
> Is anyone working on a set of ejbtasks for starting/stopping/deploying
> to Oracle 9i App Server?  Specifically, this is the new J2EE model
> Oracle Containers for J2EE (oc4j), it's essentially Orion application
> server (even still named orion.jar!).
> Just wanting to see if anyone has done this yet, otw I'll get cracking.
> Also:
> As a new ant developer, I was (am) confused by the use of dependencies
> and use of if/unless attributes to skirt (with much initial pain) around
> the issue of <if> tasks.  There are many simple things that I want to do
> in ant, for which I *don't* want to dynamically create a separate build
> file (for example loading a user's property file if it's there, for
> which I now have to create a separate task, possibly split up my current
> task into two sections, and so on).  Granted, I could be missing some
> better pattern of doing this, but it would make my life much simpler in
> the long run to have *simplistic* control tasks to just be able to load
> one property file or another based on a property file w/o the arduous
> creation of other tasks to do the same exact thing.
> Yes, I write an "if" task myself.  But then I would have non-portable
> build scripts, wouldn't I?
> Many regards,
> Markus


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