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From "Mark Strasser" <>
Subject Anyone working on ant tasks for Oracle 9i App Svr (formerly Orion)?
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 16:26:36 GMT
Is anyone working on a set of ejbtasks for starting/stopping/deploying to Oracle 9i App Server?
 Specifically, this is the new J2EE model Oracle Containers for J2EE (oc4j), it's essentially
Orion application server (even still named orion.jar!).

Just wanting to see if anyone has done this yet, otw I'll get cracking.


As a new ant developer, I was (am) confused by the use of dependencies and use of if/unless
attributes to skirt (with much initial pain) around the issue of <if> tasks.  There
are many simple things that I want to do in ant, for which I *don't* want to dynamically create
a separate build file (for example loading a user's property file if it's there, for which
I now have to create a separate task, possibly split up my current task into two sections,
and so on).  Granted, I could be missing some better pattern of doing this, but it would make
my life much simpler in the long run to have *simplistic* control tasks to just be able to
load one property file or another based on a property file w/o the arduous creation of other
tasks to do the same exact thing.

Yes, I write an "if" task myself.  But then I would have non-portable build scripts, wouldn't

Many regards,

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