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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: executing task for each file in file set
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 08:08:28 GMT
Peter Vogel <> wrote:

> Personally, I'd like to see the ant designers stop "babysitting" the
> development community to prevent what they view as "bad practices".

In my case, it's less about babysitting the users than preventing that
"bad practices" applied by users will be used as an argument against
Ant.  Maybe I'm overreacting from time to time, don't know.

> Please stop assuming you've encountered every SCM/build management
> problem on the planet.

I've never done that, I'm always asking for examples of the bigger
"build management problem"s.  I'm a developer who happens to also be
the build manager in our shop, but I really wouldn't conside myself an
expert in this area.

> and let the people who manage source for a living figure out the
> right way to use it for their situation.

I'm less concerned about the "people who manage source for a living",

You've said more than once, that the common "recursive makefile"
pattern found almost everywhere in the make world was bad, even when
applied to make.  This means, that there are other, better ways to
manage complicated builds in make, but for some reason, most users
choose the inferior solution.

Say we'd add foreach to the core - and I'm more and more leaning
towards it (making myself a heretic, I guess 8-) - and we already have
those many cases where we successfully anticipated the need for
iterations like javac, execon, apply and in the future anton, javaon.
What can we do to make user chose the "right" thing?

> Were it not for the javac task in ant, I'd hazard a guess that ant
> would not enjoy the popularity that it has.

Probably - at least this has been the reason to start with and is the
most important argument in the make vs. Ant discussion.

In the meantime Ant has gathered some other quite popular tasks that
show what could be done with tasks - ejbjar and junit are quite
prominent examples.


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