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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [TASTE QUESTION] Enhance style task or enhance merge mapper/uptodate task?
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 06:26:28 GMT
Craeg K. Strong <> wrote:

> This is persuant to the patch I sent recently for the <style> task
> (adding a "force" attribute).

which I hope to get to these days, thanks.

> Note that these dependencies may not actually be _computable_ --
> rather they are simply asserted.

But this doesn't exclusively apply to <style>.  Say I have Java code
that uses a different class via reflection - neither <javac> nor
<depend> will catch this.

For this situation I've been playing with the idea of

<explicit-depend src="foo" dest="bar">
  <dependency target="targetfile">
    <source name="source1" />
    <source name="source2" />

which would - similar to depend - delete bar/targetfile if foo/source1
or foo/source2 is newer than that.

This would help in more than just these situations but could be used
to support the more generic tasks we have in several other fields.

This task would handle several dependencies at once (I'd translate all
source tags to includes in a fileset with dir "src" and create a
single mapper from all dependency rules).


who doesn't really like the name explicit-depend.

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