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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: How will ant2 deal with this situation?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 08:21:13 GMT
Jay Glanville <> wrote:

> I've just posted this scenario to the ant-user mailing list, to see
> if a solution is available for ant 1.3.

Apart from writing your own task/writing scripts, I think you there is
no 1.3 solution.

> My question to this mailing list is how will ant 2 deal with this
> situation?

Maybe templates would help you here (Pete?), but they'll not be a core
part of Ant - and I for one wouldn't recommend them.

The option of writing a task of your still exists, of course.

Let's see wheter I understand what you are trying to do in some

(1)     find all directories that are direct children of com/company
(2)     iterate through this set, foreach dir
(2.1)   create dir output/set_member
(2.2)   find all directories that are direct children of set_member
(2.3)   iterate through this inner set, foreach dir
(2.3.1) jar up the inner set member into output/set_member/inner_set_member.jar

looks as if a foreach task would work - with some additional string
manipulation that is (basically something like basename).


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