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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: C/C++ Compile Task - Another
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 06:43:18 GMT
Mark A. Russell <> wrote:

> The only reason I didn't define an optimize attribute originally is
> because I couldn't decide what level of optimization it should do.
> Should it be a lvl thing like 1-5 and then each compiler adapter
> determines what flags that corresponds to?

Hmm, how about symbolic names? optimize="none", optimze="some",
optimize="memory", optimize="aggressive" ...

> Agreed.  Maybe we make GCC the default since a port of it exists on
> nearly every platform?  Would like comments from the group on this
> one.

should read all mails before I start to comment 8-)

> The only further questions I have are about our handling of
> libraries.  How will we handle libraries when the object file(s) are
> newer then those contained within the library we built?  Do we just
> update the library, or completely rebuild the library?

This is similar to "do we update a jar or do we recreate it from
scratch".  It depends on the overhead, in the jar case recreating the
jar is faster than updating it most of the time - but we'll probably
have the option to update it in the next release of Ant.


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