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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject RE: better reuse/extension of build files - How about an OO approach for build file definition?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 16:55:47 GMT
> >--> Question: It is possible to achieve the same degree of flexibility
> >reusability with Ant? If so, how are you doing this reuse in  your
> You can not achieve anywhere near that level of reuse with current ant.
> can use other tools to generate the build.xml files (In the past I used
> XSLT to generate appropriate XML files).
> Techniques used include;
> .. snip list of techniques .. ;)
> >--> If not, could we add a requirement for Ant2 to enforce the
> >and flexibility?
> >This could of course perhaps be implemented as shown above or in a non-OO
> >way.
> Well the OO way has been -1'ed so we won't end up with that ;)

OK thanks for the extensive answer. I will have to go back in the archives
to find the reasons for why this -1 was given. I guess one of it is the
I am not an expert, but I though that it was fitting well with what I read
in the Ant2 requirements (e.g. having a well defined Project/Target/Task
model, etc..)

Anyway, I am not in favor of using the XML techniques for at least for these
- first it requires the user to know about these techniques, i.e. to know
more than just XML syntax. This is limitative.
- second it is an external feature (from the Ant point of view) that is
tighted to XML, and furthermore, if I remember well the Ant2 requirements,
XML should just be one way to control Ant.



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