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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject [SUBMIT] C/C++ compile and link
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 04:12:59 GMT


Attached are two tasks to compile and link C/C++.

The <cc> task compiles a set of source files, taking care of things like
header file dependencies.  It also provides a cross-platform way of
specifying things like enabling debug, setting the include search path, and
defining preprocessor macros.

The <link> task links a set of object files and libraries into an executable
file, a shared library (DLL) or a static library.  It takes care of things
like the OS-specific naming convention for executables and libraries and
such.  Again, it provides a cross-platform way of specifying things like the
library search path.

See the docs included in the attachment for more info.

These tasks are intended to provide a cross-platform way to compile and link
C/C++.  They give the build writer some control over simple but common
aspects of the build.  They are not intended to be a complete solution for
building complex C apps.  But we can work towards that, perhaps.  Let's put
the make vs. ant argument to bed for good!

Some current limitations:

* The tasks only know how to drive the GCC and Microsoft Visual C++
compilers and linkers.

* The tasks only understand the naming conventions for Windows and UNIX-like
OSes.  Appologies to those on other platforms.

* The <link> task doesn't check the last-modified time of libraries when
deciding whether to invoke the linker or not.

* They're not as extensible as I'd like.

I've used these tasks successfully on Win2K using both VC++ 6.0 and MinGW
1.0, and on Redhat 7.1.  Your mileage on other platforms may vary.  The
tasks work under the ant 1.3 release, and the 1.4 alpha.

The tasks are pretty raw.  I've got some time up my sleeve ATM to tidy them
up some.  One of the things I'd like to add is support for more
compilers/linkers.  Unfortunately I don't have access to anything other than
Win2K and various Linuxes.  So, send me the details of your favourite
compile toolset and I'll add them.

I'd also like allow the build writer to be able to add their own compiler
definitions.  Possibly by adding <ccompilerdef> and <linkerdef> data types.


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