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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject API to compile to with patches?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:17:29 GMT
I'm back on the trail of being able to update jar files, zip files etc.
I believe I have a workable solution, and I hope to actually finish it
in the next couple of hours.

Two questions:
o Firstly, when I've finished it, should I just post a [PATCH] message
  Does that mean that a committer is likely to take a look at it, maybe
  (gasp!) test it, and then commit it if they think it's okay?

o Secondly, I need to create a temporary file to rename the original
file to.
  I *could* use just File.exists(), which is JDK1.1-safe, but that could
run into
  problems if lots of things were doing this at the same time. With 1.2,
I could
  use File.createNewFile, which gives more atomicity, but won't compile
under 1.1.
  The installation guide for Ant says that currently it works with 1.1
but a
  future version will require 1.2 - suggestions?


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