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From Peter Vogel <>
Subject [PATCH]tarfileset
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 07:32:33 GMT
Per the discussion earlier today, there's a bug in <tarfileset>, if the
<tar> tag has a <baseDir>
attribute and <tarfileset>s are used as well, the baseDir causes an implicit
fileset and
if the <tarfileset>s overlap the baseDir you get two of every file.

On the other hand, if the baseDir isn't set and you use <tarfileset>s, the
dir attribute for the 
tarfileset doesn't seem to be obeyed and tar is unable to find any files!

This patch is probably incomplete, in particular, the archiveIsUpToDate
routine is calling a
SouceFileScanner and doesn't seem to setting up the directory right (it
passes baseDir in
blindly as the srcDir) so you get messages like this in verbose mode:

      [tar] ws\html\html\passwd.html added as
C:\e2open\b1003_patch1\sso\grass.tar doesn't exist.

But at least with this patch I get what I expect out of my tar files build
using a <tar> with <tarfileset>
embedded tags...


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