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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Consolidated Requirements Document for Ant2
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 12:51:52 GMT
Good point about multi-threading.
I think the documentation says it, you just have to look 
closely. Perhaps the wording needs to make it more clear that:

  Proposed: multi-threading of several tasks within A SINGLE target.

  Rejected: multi-threading of several targets within a project --
            because of the complexity of dealing with dependencies
            between targets.

Jon Skeet wrote:
> > Please, could you all look over it, see whether I've forgotten
> > something important, whether something doesn't adequately reflect the
> > voiced opinions of the committers or just correct my spelling errors?
> I haven't been following the discussions closely, which I suppose makes
> me an ideal critic in some ways :) I notice that there's a section about
> multi-threading in both the "planned features" section *and* the
> "rejected feature requests" section. A little bit more explanation about
> the difference between what's being planned and what's been rejected
> would be nice.
> None of the apostrophes as &apos; come out properly on my browser
> (IE5.5SP1 on W2K).
> In the Extensibility section you've got a &qout; instead of &quot;
> Hope this helps,
> Jon

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