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From Yannick Menager <>
Subject Re[2]: Problems with licenses (GPL, LGPL) and task writing
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 09:09:19 GMT
Hello Tim,

what if we had a defined API for say.. CVS Tasks.. and a series of
adaptors for multiple implementations.... would that be legal ?
maybe as an optional task, if the jcvs classes are there, it uses
them, if not.... Why hasn't that be done ? any legal reasons against ?

Best regards,

Wednesday, June 20, 2001, 10:58:30 AM, you wrote:

TV> From: Yannick Menager []

>> I'm not a lawyer, but I have the strong impression that if we called a
>> GLPed binary (jarfile) using reflection, that would solve the problem,

TV> Not necessarily.
TV> If you wrote code that did something like:

TV> SUB use-gnu-stuff
TV>         jar = load-jar( "gnu.jar" )
TV>         on-error:
TV>                 throw( "Cannot find gnu.jar" ) 
TV>         class = jar->load-class( "GNUclass" )
TV>         on-error:
TV>                 throw( "Cannot find 'GNUclass' in jar" )
TV>         method = class->lookup-method( "myMethod" ) 
TV>         on-error:
TV>                 throw( "Cannot find method 'myMethod'" )

TV>         return method->call()

TV> Then there would be no direct dependency on the GNU code, and no
TV> linking, since it is all done with reflection and if you handled
TV> the exceptions, then the code would still work if the GNU jar 
TV> wasn't there.

TV> However, it is clear for all to see, that you are just trying to
TV> circumvent the licensing requirements of gnu.jar, and a court
TV> would probably declare it illegal.

TV> However, it is was using a standard interface then you would 
TV> probably be OK.
TV> eg: You can probably use a GPL'd bean in your code, if you just treat
TV> it as a bean.
TV> And Ant can load GPL'd task, since it uses Ant's published API.

TV> But just putting a reflection wrapper doesn't necessarily work.

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