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From "Robert J. Clark" <>
Subject Re: Need Ammo in Make vs. Ant argument...
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 22:24:51 GMT
On Sat, 9 Jun 2001 15:48:27 +1000  Tim Vernum <> wrote:

> From: Lance Hankins []
> > Any ammunition will be greatly appreciated :)
> I can get you some research (that I think was from Sun) that showed
> that for a large system, 10% of the code was in the build process.

I would also be interested in reading this if it is available. Drop
me a line offlist if you would like.

> But any metric of a large in house development system should give
> similar results.

This is what we are seeing here as well.

> When you realise the size of the work done by the build engineers
> (and management rarely does) you have to stop and ask
You don't say :-)

I am fortunate in that one result of the lack of attention
to the build infrastructure is that I can pretty much choose 
any tool that can reasonably be shown to do the job. We use a 
mixture of Ant and make files here.

I have been reading with interest the comments from people who 
are interested in compiling native code with Ant and have often 
thought about trying it in my Copious Free Time(tm). 

However, before I get to that I will probably try getting Ant to
run as a server. Our builds are distributed over several different 
systems and I have never been happy with the solutions we have 
currently implemented.

I have not yet convinced myself that Ant is the right tool to replace 
that part of the build system, but I have long since realized that it
is better than make for building all the Java code.

- Rob

Robert J. Clark                   Sitraka Software
JProbe Developer        

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