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Subject Encouragement of contributions.
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 05:58:13 GMT

I've got a lazy suggestion (I.E. a suggestion which, if implemented, will
permit me to be more lazy).  I'm interested in messing with the Ant code, in
the hopes of eventually becoming a useful contributer.  Of course, being a new
zealot, I want to manage all my dinking -with- ant.  So I want to update my
local copy of the source by something like

ant update_source

and submit my changes with something like

ant submit_cvs

which might extract a patch from the latest reference build, and mail it to
the Right People.

So what about making such targets availiable in the build.xml that is
presented with the source dist?  It would encourage ant development, and it
would provide examples of

1) the syntax to do this additional interesting task.

2) the behavior of a development organization interested in encouraging more help.

It might even catch on in other projects.

... On the other hand, it might not be your desire to encourage new
developers -that- much. :) 

- Allen S. Rout

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