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From "Michael Jennings" <>
Subject WIN32 build.exe
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 18:12:29 GMT
Hi there,

A while ago I sent a message to the ant-user mailing list saying that I had
developed a win32 executable for running ANT. I posted a URL with
a link to source code+exe but it doesn't look like it made it into
the ANT distribution.

The source code has a trailing semicolon on one of the #include statements
one of the source files (just causes a warning at compile time) other than
that problem (which I have fixed)
I think it's a pretty useful addition to ant. End-users don't have to set
any environment
variables, just put build.exe in the $ANT_HOME/bin directory, add that
directory to
the path and voila, it just works!

Just wanted to know the status of this. I'm fairly new to the whole
open-source thing, so
maybe I've done something wrong.

Mike Jennings
Southgate  Software Ltd.
250-382-6851 (ph)
250-382-6800 (fax)

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