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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: executing task for each file in file set
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 04:28:48 GMT
At 10:35 AM 5/22/01 -0400, Daniel Barclay wrote:
>Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Ant2 will give task developers the infrastructure to write a foreach
>> task (like J.D.'s) by allowing tasks to be nested into other tasks.
>> While I doubt that a <foreach> or <switch> task will make it into
>> Ant's core, they are certainly going to be written.
>What is Ant's (or, rather, the developers' (or maybe users')) philosophy 
>regarding portability of Ant scripts?
>Is the usual expectation that a system using Ant build files would contain 
>a copy of Ant bundled with all the particular add-ons used by those build 

for Ant1 - yes.

>Or is there any expection of writing build files that use only standard
>features so those build files can run on any base (uncustomized) Ant 
>installation?   (I don't necessarily mean eschewing (wow, I don't usually
>think of that word) custom tasks, but maybe building and defining them 
>in the build files instead of just assuming or requiring that they be

for Ant2 yes ... maybe. The only exception being that it may be best to
also search in <base>/tasks/*.tsk where <base> is either project base
directory or directory where build file located. This is just to make
things easier for peeps and not sure yet if it should be added in.



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