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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Logging and Verbose
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 23:18:22 GMT
At 07:06  9/5/01 -0400, Russell Gold wrote:
>I notice that it used to be the case that -verbose dumped what I thought
was very interesting stuff: the system properties that ant saw (including
the classpath) and for each task, the logic it used to decide whether and
what to run. A lot of that seems to be gone now, presumably because it was
*too* verbose.
>One of the advantages of some logging APIs is the ability to control the
verbosity level by category. Thus, we could say something like: 
>-verbose: javac,delete
>to turn on verbose output for the javac and delete tasks only.  Is that
the kind of thing now being contemplated? 

It was contemplated before and seems likely to get in under the guise of a
LoggingAspect. So you configure logging on per-task basis, or per type etc.

>And would the suggestions of using listeners allow for this?  

I am not sure if it was agreed but I believe this would happen before
logging events are sent to a listener. It would be done via underlying task
engine/project engine.

>I would have expected the code to call the logging API channels directly
to get this kind of control.

I am not sure what you mean - could you expand?



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