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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] multithrading
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 21:14:10 GMT
--- Daniel Barclay <> wrote:
> What if two lists list the same depended-on targets but in different
> orders?  
> (Target A depends on X and target A depends on Y.  You can't list them
> without choosing an order, so you happen to pick "X, Y".  Target B
> depends on target Y.  Target B also depends on target X.  You happen
> to write "Y, X".  
> For "ant A B", do you build X or Y first? There is no answer if you 
> must follow the order in which they're listed, because you can't
> say "_the_ order in which they're listed," because they're listed in
> more than one order.

Sure there is. Given 'ant A B', it'll run X,Y,A,Y,X,B; running 'ant B A'
runs Y,X,B,X,Y,A. And if you add a target "Z" that depends on both A and
B, listed as depends="A,B", running 'ant Z' will run X,Y,A,B,Z -- listed
as depends="B,A", it'll run Y,X,B,A,Z. (This is almost identical to how
'make' would do it, except for the first case, where it would only run
X,Y,A,B, since X and Y were already run -- 'make b a' runs Y,X,B,A.) 
> (I don't think you'd want to require all lists to list them in a 
> compatible order.  That would require the user to figure out a complete 
> ordering that satisfies all partial ordering requirements.  That's 
> something the tool should continue doing.)

1. I don't have a problem with requiring a build-file writer to know what
order things should get built in -- if they don't know that, then they
shouldn't be writing the build-file :)
2. If I specify a list of dependencies, I expect the order of that list to
be followed -- even with wigged-out ones like your example :)  I see that
list as amounting to a little for-loop (ie: for dependency in X Y, run
3. I don't know of any build tool that would chuck the order of the list
of dependencies.



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