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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] procedural versus purely declarative
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 22:31:09 GMT
At 10:12  23/4/01 -0700, Daniel Rall wrote:
>Peter Donald <> writes:
>> Can you give me a (good) use case where XSLT would not suffice?
>Complex string manipulation.

thats not a use case thats an feature of language - give me a use case in a
build file.

>> >Of course the point is simplicity of use. I am not sure we will gain that
>> >with XSLT. We will need something taylored to ANTs needs.
>> Feel free to create a new language - xslt has the advantage of being
>> standard and well known. Sure it is not very pretty or simple but every
>> alternative is complex. If you have looked at any of the alternate systems
>> that aren't just a morass of scripts (ie automake, imake, etc) they all
>> have that complexity/power balance. 
>Velocity's markup is dirt-simple.

Velocity's markup is simpler - requirexs learning both of language and
whats is in the context though. Also non-standard.

>> Now look at systems who have tried to do xslt but more simply - theres a
>> few around (Cocoons XSP at is an example). Now how many of
>> them achieve any measure of simplicity over XSLT - at what cost do they do
>> it ? (ie loose power, completely new/foreign etc).
>Anakia is MUCH more flexible that XSLT, and simpler to boot.

Anakia is not a XML transformation language but a string transform
language. You can quite easily screw up and generate non-xml but I am sure
it will be added as one of the front ends to ant ;)



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