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From Frank Wierzbicki <>
Subject Re: need IntrosectionHelper help (was: [PATCH] comma separated PVCS projects)
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:04:33 GMT
If I make the PvcsProject a standalone class, should the pvcs task go into its
own optional/pvcs directory, to avoid cluttering the optional package?  I like
making the PvcsProject standalone, because I think when more pvcs tasks are
written (I'm thinking about a couple), they will probably be able to use it.

Is there a preference among ant developers for

<pvcsproject name="/project"/>




I submitted a cut of this task, but in light of the suggestions I will need to
rework it and resubmit.


Frank Wierzbicki

--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> Frank Wierzbicki <> wrote:
> > but my addPvcsProject method never gets called.  CreatePvcsproject
> > does get called for each <pvcsproject> element, and addText in the
> > inner class gets called with the value "/proj" (in the example
> > below), so I could just use that, but I'm not sure that this would
> > be the Right Thing To Do.
> It would be.
> Ant will use either createXYZ or addXYZ, not both.  Use addXYZ if Ant
> can create the object itself (it needs no-arg constructor) and
> createXYZ if only the task itself can do so (non-static inner class of
> the task for example).
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated,
> I'd use 
>     private Vector projects ...
>     public void addPvcsproject(PvcsProject p) throws BuildException {
>         projects.add(p);
>     }
> and make your PvcsProject a stand alone class or a static inner class.
> Stefan

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