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From Frank Wierzbicki <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] comma separated PVCS projects
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:45:07 GMT
This is definitely something that PVCS users might need, and I don't see why it
wouldn't work (I'll apply the patch and try it out sometime today or tomorrow).
 Personally, I'd like something that avoided the comma separated list, like:

<pvcs repository="/mnt/pvcs">

That way if someone puts commas in their file names (admittedly a strange thing
to do) then the nested elements approach would still work.  Also, I just think
it makes for cleaner XML to avoid comma separated lists when you can.  I think
this can be implemented with an addPvcsproject method.  If others like this
approach I'd be willing to have a go at implementing it unless Bernd wants to
do it.


Frank wrote:
> following patch handles checking out multiple PVCS projects in one call, if
> the pvcsproject attribute in the buildfile contains a comma separated list of

> PVCS project names.
> PVCS itself is able to handle the star at the end of the project names. So 
> following works fine:
> <PVCS repository="/mnt/pvcs" 
> pvcsproject="/myprj/java*,/myprj/properties,/myprj/html" />

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