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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: patch tracking
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:27:57 GMT
--- David Rees <> wrote:
> >> The main problem is that Bugzilla doesn't support attachments.
> >
> >Err... yes it does.
> Where? I went at looked at it before I made the original post and I
> looked again just now. What am I missing?

Not sure where you looked, but the home-page for Bugzilla includes this
  Adding an attachment to a bug can be very useful. Test cases, screen
  shots and editor logs all can help pinpoint the bug and help the
  developer reproduce it. If you fix a bug, attach the patch to the bug.
  This is the preferred way to keep track of patches since it makes it
  easier for others to find and test.

If you display a bug in the Ant bugs database, you'll see this line:
  Attachments: Create a new attachment (proposed patch, testcase, etc.)

When you select "Create a new attachment", you get a list of possible
types for the attachment, which starts:
  What kind of file is this? 
  Patch file (text/plain, diffs)



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