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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: AW: [PATCH] doc - add default excludes to VAJExport doc
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 00:27:41 GMT
On Fri, 09 Mar 2001 09:46:17 -0500, Glenn McAllister wrote:

>Christoph Wilhelms wrote:
>Hi David!
>First: Thanx for using my favorite IDE (VAJava) ;-) and thanx for
>using Ant within it ;-)!

You are very welcome ;). I can't imagine not using VAJ. Actually I
can, ugh. Now if it would just stop scrambling source (see my later

Thank _you_ for writing some very useful VAJ Ant tasks.

>> 2nd: The default excludes do not affect your build-process if you use
>> include
>> and exclude correctly - except you want to export Java-API-classes. (I hope
>> nobody wants this to do ;-)).
>If I'm understanding your question correctly, yes, the default excludes for the
>vaj tasks work like you would expect.  If you actually WANT the api classes,
>you would use the defaultexcludes="no" attribute syntax.

Also note that since the defaulltexcludes include wildcards its
possible for someone to actually have a project that matches them so
its important to know they are.

In my case I really was exporting some Java-API-classes so I could
write a test case on "known" projects (didn't work ;).


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