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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [VOTE] Plan to gather functional requirements for Ant 2
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 11:52:51 GMT
OK, I think we need a more formal way to get development of Ant2

Some time back we agreed that we wanted to have a requirements
document before we start losing ourself in discussions about
implementation details or the merits of one proposal over the
other. As one result we started collecting random thoughts in
docs/ant2 - this is where I want to go further, therefore I put a
road map, that should show the way to an agreed upon requirements
document, up for a vote.

The road map consists of six stages:

(1) As soon as this plan has been accepted, we officially announce
that we are collecting feature requests for Ant2 to ant-user as well
as ant-dev and make clear that discussion will be on ant-dev only.

(2) Everything that pops up (really everything, no matter how far
fetched) will be committed to docs/ant/requested-features.txt. I will
do my very best to commit everything but any help is appreciated of

This goes on until a deadline of two weeks after the first
announcement has been reached.

(3) Everything that has come up will be sorted into one of the
following five different groups:

i) Things that don't affect the core at all - defer to task writers.

ii) Things that aren't concrete but abstract goals: Keep backwards
compatibility ...

iii) Things that are simple, easy to implement - no further discussion

iv) Things that need to be discussed in detail, but we generally agree
upon - workspace concept and similar.

v) Things that are controversial in the sense of "do we want this at

I'd volunteer in sorting the stuff.

(4) Vote on anything in (ii), (iii) and (iv) with a one week deadline
on votes. I'd volunteer to tally the votes. The vote on item in bucket
(iv) is about whether we want a feature, not about the details. A -1
by any committer should result in putting the corresponding stuff into
bucket (v).

(5) Parallel to (4) start discussion on (v) with two weeks of
discussion and a vote after that. After this vote, we should have an
agreement on all abstract requirements. Things from bucket (v) will be
either dropped (negative vote outcome) or sorted into the remaining

(6) Hash out the details for (iv) in discussions - again with a
deadline and voting after that, two weeks should be enough here as

At the end of step (6) we should have a functional requirements doc
that we can build upon. 


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