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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] vote on general direction, details will be discussed later
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 07:10:24 GMT
Glenn McAllister <> wrote:

>> * It should be possible to modify details of the actual build
>>   (e.g. classpath, used compiler) without the need to change the
>>   build specification.
> Isn't this covered by "provide support for user defined task
> configurations?"

Nope, one it talking about setting attribute, that have not been
specified, the other one is overruling attributes, even if they have
been specified.

Say we'd add an "impl" attribute to <javac> to chose the compiler,
this one is arguing for build.compiler to take precedence over the
attributes value - or at least to provide some means to get
precedence, like in the build.sysclasspath case.

>> * build files should be declarative in nature
> +1 if we could ever agree on exactly what "declarative" means. :-]

Having studied physics and not computer science it is amusing to
follow the discussion - in physics somebody would have provided a
reference to some well known standard definition of each and every
term (not that this would make discussion any easier ;-).


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