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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject What I did to DirectoryScanner
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 08:44:24 GMT
The last change to DirectoryScanner will break backwards
compatibility, but probably for the better of it. Anyway, I thought I
should give you a heads up.

The list of included directories will now contain "" if this
matches. This has the following effects on existing tasks (maybe more,
but this is what I can see):

(1) <delete includeemptydirs="yes"><fileset dir="foo"></delete> will
now delete foo itself as well (if it is empty).

This is what the users expected - judging from the postings on
ant-user - and the biggest damage this will do, is to remove an empty

(2) <chmod type="dir"><fileset dir="foo"></chmod> will now set the
permissions on foo as well. 

Guess this is what users wanted as well - judging from Conor's patch
to make <chmod dir="..." /> do anything reasonable.

(3) all <execon type="dir"> and <apply type="dir"> will now act on the
basedir itself as well.

Does anybody see any problems with this approach? Should it be made


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