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From Matt Brown <>
Subject properties vs userproperties
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 21:26:44 GMT
I've been poking around the Ant source code (1.3) in hopes of making some
mods that would be useful for building a project I'm working on.
I am looking for a clear definition of a "property" and a "user property".
I've inferred a fair amount from the source code, but I don't think it is
enough to determine a few specific behaviors of the mods I want to make.
Here's what I know so far:
Property: these include values imported from the environment variables and
any <property> definitions encountered in the project script. These values
are used for ${value} expansion.
User Property: anything passed to ant via -Dkey=value plus ant.file and set from Project.
I am confused by the Property.addProperty(string, string) that checks the
boolean userProperty (which is apparently always false). If false, the
property is added via Project.setProperty. If true, it does a user property.
Okay, so I know the general usage of the two. Can someone give me a more
general description of the purpose of each type of property?
Thanks much

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