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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Another feature request??
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 04:17:58 GMT
> From: Jose Alberto Fernandez []

> If you were proposing that the "default" attrribute should be 
> optional and
> in that case consider to be "main/start/whatever" then I would see no
> problem,

I would.
If that were the suggestion then I would offer a -1

Optional attirbutes, with defaults, just make things even more unreadable.

eg: If we decided that the default target was called "main", unless the
 build file declared otherwise, then you could have:

<project default="compile" name="foo">
	<target name="main">

	<target name="compile">


And IMHO, that is more unreadable, because you have a "main" target, but 
it's not the default target!

I'm not sure if I support Peter on this, but I definately am opposed to having
an optional default.

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