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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] the simple stuff
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 01:07:36 GMT
Glenn McAllister [] wrote:

>> * unify the namespace of all data types (ie properties + filesets +
>>   patternset + filtersets).

> Maybe I wasn't paying attention.  Could someone explain to me what the intent
> of this point is?  My appologies if this has been discussed to death.

(Pete wrote)
"Basically to ease end user reading build file. For instance now it is
possible to have both a FileSet and a property named "project.classpath"
which users found confusing. When the number of datatypes is increased (ie
filtersets, cullsets, packagesets, whateversets) this could lead to N
different namespaces for named values. 

IMNSHO it would be better to have 1 namespace as that is what is most
cognitively accessible. It is why most (all?) artificial languages (ie
programming langs) don't allow the same name to refer to N different things
depending on context." 

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