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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs/ant2 requested-features.txt
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 06:41:52 GMT
donaldp     01/03/12 22:41:52

  Modified:    docs/ant2 requested-features.txt
  Incorporated a few more points. More coming soon...
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.22      +58 -8     jakarta-ant/docs/ant2/requested-features.txt
  Index: requested-features.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-ant/docs/ant2/requested-features.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.21
  retrieving revision 1.22
  diff -u -r1.21 -r1.22
  --- requested-features.txt	2001/03/12 15:21:36	1.21
  +++ requested-features.txt	2001/03/13 06:41:52	1.22
  @@ -124,8 +124,8 @@
     corollary of "fully interpreted at runtime"?
   * allow facilities to build projects from multiple sources. ie CSS+xml
  -  or XSLT+ XML or database or from inside jars or normal build.xmls
  -  etc.
  +  or XSLT+ XML or Velocity+text or database or from inside jars or normal 
  +  build.xmls etc.
   * move to a system that allows docs to be generated - doc snippets
     should be included with the tasks they document.
  @@ -196,6 +196,31 @@
   V. Things we probably don't agree on. 
  + * Allow mappers to be genericised so that particular features can be modified 
  + during mapping. Something similar to 
  + <fileset ...>
  +   <include name="*.sh"/>
  +   <mapper type="unix-permissions">
  +     <param name="user" value="ant"/>
  +     <param name="group" value="ant"/>
  +     <param name="mod" value="755"/>
  +   </mapper>
  + </fileset>
  + * Allow include/exclude tow work with multiple characteristerics of a file.
  + ie include into fileset if file is readable, modified after 29th of Feb,
  + has a name that matches patter "**/*.java" and the property "foo.present"
  + is set. Something similar to 
  + <include>
  +   <item-filter type="name" value="**/*.java"/>
  +   <item-filter type="permission" value="r"/>
  +   <item-filter type="modify-time" 
  +                operation="greater-than" 
  +                value="29th Feb 2003"/>
  + </include>
   * provide datatypes through property tag and remove need for separate free
     standing entities. ie
     <property name="foo">
  @@ -208,6 +233,13 @@
     Installshield type app, Peter's cron-server and other task based
  + * provide support for non-hardwired (ie loadable) low-level 
  + components (mappers/itemset-filters/converters). Allow them to be 
  + loaded in either global or a new classloader.
  + * force resolution of classes on loading to identify classloader 
  + issues early. (At least in global classloader).
   * create the concept of workspace so that projects can be built in a
     DAG and thus enable projects like catalina/tomcat to have an easy
     build process. It also helps CJAN to a lesser degree and would
  @@ -215,11 +247,22 @@
   * provide support for CJAN
  -  In what way?
  +  Q: In what way?
  +  A: Probably by supplying a set of tasks that download versioned 
  +  binaries and their associated dependencies, caching the downloads
  +  in a known place and updating binaries when required. ("When required"
  +  being indicated by a change in property values).
   * provide support for non-hardwired (ie loadable) converters.
  -  What is a converter? Is this an implementation detail?
  +  Q: What is a converter? Is this an implementation detail?
  +  A: Not an implementation detail but a way to extend the engine
  +  to convert more data types. Currently we have fixed set that is 
  +  expanded on occasion (ie includes primitive types + File). Instead
  +  of spreading converting code through out tasks it can be centralized 
  +  into one component and used by engine. This becomes particularly 
  +  relevent if you build ant based testing systems and use ant in certain
  +  web-related areas.
   * generate docs by anakia/XSLT
  @@ -230,7 +273,9 @@
     Possible solutions include a special method like getProperties(), an
     external describing file shipping with the task class or special
  -  javadoc comments parsed by a custom doclet.
  +  javadoc comments parsed by a custom doclet. Whatever the method it
  +  should not impose any cost on runtime as it is only used a small 
  +  proportion of the time (design-time).  
   * allow build file writers to modify logging (verbosity for example)
     on a target by target or task by task basis.
  @@ -250,13 +295,15 @@
     What's this?
  -* Target inheritance
  +* Target inheritance. ie The ability to include targets from other 
  +  project files overidining them as necessary (so cascading project
  +  files).
  -  What's this?
   * Add an attribute to <ant> to feed back the environment (properties and
     taskdefs) from the child build to the parent.
  +* Ability to manage scopping of properties in general (ie target/project/workspace).
   * it should be possible to provide general /(template?)/ build
     specifications, and to declare for a concrete item that it should be
     built according to such a general specification.
  @@ -274,3 +321,6 @@
   * Let Ant ignore - but warn - if unknown XML elements or attributes
     occur in a build file.
  +* Allow ant to farm out attributes and elements that are NOT in the ant 
  +  namespace to other components. ie hand doc: elements to the Documentation
  +  component or log: attributes to Log policy component etc

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