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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Re: Ant Shell (antsh) - any thoughts?
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 14:22:39 GMT
Hi all:

antsh sounds very cool.

I'm not sure of the details, but it may be useful to look at JShell 
(from Patrick Beard) when considering implementation of antsh. 
JShell aspires to be more than antsh, but it is similar in that it 
avoids starting a new JVM upon every invocation of ant.  I'm on a mac 
(OS9.1), and JShell is a good option for running ant there.  It works 
reasonable well.

One word of caution: JShell doesn't properly handle jvm forking.  Has 
antsh been tested in cases where a new jvm is forked in the buildfile?



>Last night I thought I would be great to avoid to start JVM and to parse the
>Ant build file each time I want to do a build. I know that there is an
>ongoing effort called 'antidote' but I was thinking rather about a command
>line tool.
>And that's how Ant Shell (antsh) is born :-)

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